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Enrico Pinna   producer and engineer
fabricio Pipini assistant at quadra recordign studio london walthamstow
Michael Sciabbarrasi studio assistant  

Enrico Pinna has been a professional guitarist, producer and engineer for more than two decades, with vast amount of recording and mastering studio experience throughout  Europe.

Graduated in audio/video post production, successfully completing the final exams overseen by the european social found in milan in 2004, Enrico has been credited in numerous albums, including “The Gathering Light” from globally acclaimed rock progressive band “Karnataka” as best foreign album 2010 at the Web Prog Awards.

A versatile engineer, he has a wealth of experience working in all music genres, from pop to rock, dance to rap, hip pop and r&b, jazz to classical.

Credits and collaborations include some of the most respected names in the music industry e.g. Mike Stern, Paolo Conte, Karnataka, Johnny Mars, Jim Mullen, Abbey Road, Air Studios and The Way Studio in London, and many others.


Michael was born in Rome (Italy) on the 11th of May 1993.  Interested in music and instruments since young age, he joined some local bands as drummer, performing and appearing on many events in Rome.

He studied Music Technology and Sound Engineering at “Saint Louis College

of Music” in Rome and graduated in 2017; the Thesis was about orchestrating the main theme “The Breaking of the Fellowship” from the film

“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” using only MIDI samples transcribing the parts.

He has working as a F.O.H. Engineer and Stage Technician for live performances in


He also composed, produced, performed,  mixed and mastered the

song “Raining Fog” which eventually has been used in the short film “Anìs” produced by “Escuela

Internacional de Cine y TV” of Cuba.

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