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Our expert engineers will bring life to your music and mixes. Our concept of mixing goes well beyond the editing, restoration, equalisation and compression processes, always trying to improve the artist’s performance, Giving to a song the right space to breath and giving value to details, which can make a huge difference in the perception of the music and it’s vibe.


The choice of the instrument to put in front in the mix can make a huge difference, just think  to Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” or the guitar riff in “Long Train Running” to understand what we are talking about.

"Toys” wise, we have everything your music needs to stand out of the croud but we are proud  to say that technology is just a tool for our ears.


If you need a full production for your albums we can help you. Enrico Pinna will deliver fantastic arrangements. Along his 30 years experience as professional musician Enrico have played all kind of genres and his experience will provide vibrant and creative ideas and performances for your songs. 


He can play guitars, bass, percussions, keyboards and of course there are many other musicians and session players connected to the studio ready to deliver fantastic playing for your tracks.


This process takes time and can be quite complicated as we are talking about creating a perfect matching style for you as artist, so all the aspects of your music, from marketing plans to final cd master starts at this very important stage, the production. 


We will plan all the aspects in advance so we will be working on it, without distractions, always aiming to achieve the best music for your project.




Audio mastering is the final magical touch to give your album that polished sound. The mastering process will enhance your recordings  bringing extra warmth and clarity to your mixes whilst improving the loudness levels to commercial cd standards. This will ensure  your recordings are optimised for all playback medium e.g. different hi-fi systems, radio, ipods, mp3 and cd players.






There is no Hit without a Video Clip!

Check out QRS video production sample here. We can work on a budget and we need to discuss with you about details as prices are really depending on that




More and more, in these modern era, the mix or the production of a song is done by internet, by different producers and sound engineers from different parts of the world. 


Technology allows you to have the singer in a studio in USA and record straight away on my mixer in london just by a super-fast plugin connected to the internet.

Also data transfers are getting faster and faster making very easy to exchange files.


So,  imagine that you just don’t have time to come to the studio for a mix because you are too busy making some other music productions or you just live in another part of the planet....


this doesn’t stop us to work with you on your projects and deliver the work professionally done by ftp or email, straight on your computer desktop in few clicks. 




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